Top 10 Low Calorie Beer Options

Feb 9, 2010

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The Best 10 Lowest Calorie Beer Options

Ah, beer. We love it, but with its high calorie and carbohydrate content, it doesn’t always love us.

If you’re a guy who likes to toss back a couple of cold ones on occasion, you can rest assured that this can be done without you having to worry about putting on any extra weight, especially after the holiday season.

Behold: the best 10 lowest calorie beers that taste great, and are pretty much guilt-free.

1. Budweiser Select 55 (55 calories)

Budweiser’s new 55-calorie beer is currently the lowest calorie brew available on the beverage market. And unsurprisingly, it has mixed reviews. As usual with Budweiser, you can expect an inexpensive beer with a crisp, smooth taste. However, if you aren’t strictly counting calories, keep in mind that this beer has a less than 3\% alcohol content, so you might be better off with an average light beer, or a glass of orange juice.

2. Miller Genuine Draft 64, MGD 64 (64 calories)

This is the beer that caused Budweiser to go berserk and move into the #1 slot at lowest calorie beers. MGD 64 has been awarded a few extra nods for the taste and finish of such a light beer, and most will agree that the 9 extra calories really go a long way.

3. Beck’s Premier Light (64 calories)

Definitely the tastiest of our top three, yet seriously low in alcohol content (2.3\%). However, if you’re looking for a low calorie beer that tastes almost just like the original, Beck’s Premier Light is an all-around good call.

4. Pearl Light (68 calories)

From the folks who bring us Pabst Blue Ribbon comes Pearl Light, a surprisingly great tasting lager-style beer. Noted for its pale yellow color and high carbonation, Pearl Light is another of the lowest-calorie beers that has mixed reviews. Most prefer it because it’s cheap, but in similarity to the others at the top of our list, alcohol content is low.

5. Blatz Light Beer (85 calories)

Coming in at number 5 on our list is another from the American macro brewery, Pabst. Blatz Light is a controversial beer, and we understand why. At 85 calories, Blatz Light is moving closer to some of the more well known and trusted low calorie beers on our list, yet can’t seem to deliver the same flavor and finish. Available only in 6-pack cans.

6. Aspen Edge (94 calories)

Our friends at MillerCoors bring you number 6 on the list, Aspen Edge. With a 4.1\% alcohol content and surprisingly low carb count, this light beer is noted to be more “beer-like” than any of the choices out there.

7. Paulaner Original Munchner Leicht (95 calories)

This low calorie German beer definitely isn’t the pride and joy of European brews, but it certainly meets the standards of what we’re looking for. At only 95 calories, Paulaner’s light beer still comes off clean with a nice pale yellow color, fluffy white head, and no weird side flavors.

8. Amstel Light (95 calories)

Noted for its mediocrity, this Dutch lager-style beer is a very popular choice among low calorie beer seekers. You won’t find much excitement in a bottle of Amstel Light, but rest assured the calorie count is low and the taste is guaranteed to be more than manageable. Another bonus is that this beer can be found pretty much anywhere.

9. Michelob Ultra (95 calories)

This beer has been high on the low calorie beer charts since Anheuser Busch first introduced it back in 1978. Aside from being so light, another high point is its low carb count, which Michelob Ultra is commonly noted for. At only 95 calories per bottle, and an all-around great taste, we think it deserves a spot on our list, too.

10.Natural Light (95 calories)

Finally, we give you our number 10 choices in low calorie beers. Also from the folks at Anheuser Busch, this lager-style light beer is the traditional party beer. It’s cheap, it tastes good, and it goes down easy and smooth. Definitely not a beer to be savored slowly, but if you’re looking for a light beer that will give you a little bang for your buck, Natural Light gets the job done.

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