Sex Robot Roxxxy is Revolutionizing The Sex Industry

Jan 11, 2010

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How Does the First Ever Sex Robot Work

Unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 10, Roxxxy, claimed by its developers to be “the world’s first sex robot” comes with the ability to fulfill much more than conversational needs. But don’t let her revealing garb fool you– introduced by New Jersey company, the sophisticated (for lack of better word) toy was designed with the intent engage its owner in meaningful conversation.

Founder of True Companion LLC Douglas Hines explains that the big idea for this doll stemmed from his loss of a close friend in the September 11 terrorist attacks. This got him to thinking about preserving personalities and how he could take this idea to market. While he originally aimed to create the likes of a healthcare assistant for the elderly, he found the red tape involved to be a significant barrier and introduced the idea first in the adult entertainment realm instead. He still hopes to bring the concept to other markets.

In his effort to create lifelike personalities, Hines actually created Roxxxy with five personalities that the owner can choose from. There is “Wild Wendy” with an outgoing personality, “Frigid Farrah,” a more maternal “Mature Martha,” as well as a more adventurous S&M personality and an unnamed immature and naïve persona.

How Does Roxxxy Work?

While Roxxxy can’t cook or clean (or even stand on her own two legs for that matter), Hines assures that she can do most anything else…if you catch my drift. Beyond her physical talents, Roxxxy will hold conversations tailored to the likes of her owner. Since Hines is a big soccer fan, she is already well versed in subjects such as Manchester United. But if you’re not into soccer, don’t fret—she will become an advocate of whatever subject you’d like: if you like football, so does she; if you’re more into motorcycles, she is too! Who says a woman (or robot) has to cook to please a man? Hines has maintained the theory that sex can only go so far. He’s banking on the fact that after a while, people want an emotional connection. They want to listen and be heard, and that’s the feeling he’s tried to create with his newest addition to the adult entertainment scene.

How Much Does Roxxxy Cost?

Priced anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000, Roxxxy also comes with a laptop attached to wires in her back. This allows her to receive software updates over the internet. These abilities, coupled with her sophisticated touch sensors allow her to form custom sounds and phrases in response to different touches. As an example, Hines showed at the expo that upon someone touching her hand, Roxxxy kindly says “I love holding hands with you.” Other examples will have to remain unpublished for the time being.

While other companies, such as Japan-based Honey Dolls, have made similar dolls, none have introduced such advanced integrated technological features. This is what Hines hopes to transfer over to other robotic companions that he wishes to take to the mainstream market. But what’s in store for the more immediate future of electronic companions? A male counterpart to Roxxxy of course. Rocky’s the name, don’t wear it out.


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